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With its strategically located offices & depots across the globe, Brothers Gas exports a wide range of gases and quality products to a number of countries.

A fleet of more than 200+ ISO Tanks owned by Brothers Gas makes it the largest player in the region, it is used for transportation of different gases to cater the supply and demand in various markets globally.

Alternatively the products can also be supplied in Cylinder, Tonners or various other forms as per needs of the customers.

Tailored made solutions in supply chains ensures reliability and continuous gas supply.

List of Products we offer:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)
Aerosol Propellant Gas (APG)
Propane 95.0% to 99.999%
Butane 95% to 99.5%
Propylene 99.5% to 99.99%
Iso Butane 99.5% to 99.999%
N Butane 99.5% to 99.999%
R290 99.5% +
R600a 99.5% +


Industrial Gas Bulk Liquids
Argon Liquid Oxygen
Nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen
Oxygen Liquid Argon
Co2 Liquid Co2
Acetylene Liquid Nitrous Oxide
Medical Air Liquid Ethylene
Medical Oxygen Liquid Ammonia
Medical Nitrous Oxide


Specialty & Pure Gas
Oxygen 99.5% – 99.999%
Helium 99.99% – 99.9999%
Hydrogen 99.99% – 99.9999%
Argon 99.99% – 99.9999%
Nitrogen 99.99% – 99.9999%
Zero Air 99.99% – 99.9999%
Carbon Dioxide 99.9% – 99.999%
Nitrous Oxide 99.5% – 99.999%
Sulphur Hexafluoride 100.00%
Sulphur Dioxide 99.90%
Carbon Monoxide 99.5% – 99.99%
Methane 99.5% – 99.999%
Ethane 99.50%
Ethylene 99.95%
Silane 100.00%


Refrigerant Gases
R22 R417a
R134a R410
R404a R141b
R407c R1234yf


Lease & Sale of ISO Tanks Cylinders & Others
ISO Tanks LPG Cylinders
Storage Tanks Industrial & Medical Gas Cylinders
Tube Trailers Valves
Vaporizers Regulators


Gas Installation Equipments
Detection System For LPG, Natural Gas, SNG, Cryogenic, etc
Storage Tanks

For export sales inquiries kindly call/whatsApp at +971 55 290 3495.

If your enquiry needs critically urgent attention, please email us at Our sales team will contact you at earliest.

Supply Options

Products can be supplied in Cylinder, Toners or various other forms as per needs of the
customers. Tailor-made solutions in supply chains ensure reliability and continuous gas

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