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Compare BGAS powered FLG vs Diesel and Electric

Discover the reasons why BGAS powered FLG trucks are the right choice for your business.

» So why choose BGAS LPG over Diesel or Electric?

Vs. Electric

  • LPG forklift trucks operate effectively 24/7 with no loss of power – no matter how long and active the shift
  • LPG trucks have the power to cope easily with steep gradients and uneven surfaces.
  • Lifetime running costs can be lower than electric trucks – cheaper to buy and maintain.
  • LPG has a much smaller carbon footprint than electricity.
  • LPG trucks are far quicker to re-fuel than electric is to charge.
  • There is no battery disposal problem with LPG.
  • LPG can operate effectively down to minus 20 degrees.

Vs. Diesel

  • LPG is more cost effective to operate than Diesel.
  • LPG trucks can be used indoors and out – even in the most sensitive environments
  • Fitted with a 3-way catalyst, LPG trucks are lead and soot free.
  • There’s no possibility of contamination from spillages with LPG as it vaporizes – unlike diesel.
  • LPG produces fewer PM10 particles, which are associated with respiratory problems.

Here is a summary of the benefits of BGAS LPG:

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