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Supply & Switch over options by BGAS

BGAS provides a supply, storage & switch over solution for every situation and requirement.

» Switch over option
Worried about the cost of switch over from petrol or diesel powered engine? Let BGAS provide you with a tailored made solution as per your requirement.

BGAS convenient & easy to switch over option are designed to meet the requirements for any size of business it may be, call our sales office today to get more details.

Sit back & relax…… let BGAS provide you with a solution.

» Cylinder or Bulk Supply – Which is best for you?
However you choose to refill your LPG forklift truck, you won’t lose time or money with BGAS. A single worker can change a BGAS LPG cylinder in minutes.

  • No hours of downtime.
  • No battery disposal problem.
  • No harmful fumes.

» Cylinder or Bulk Supply – Which is best for you?
BGAS powered FLG cylinders are the most cost efficient method of refueling, due to their estimated usage or the lack of storage facilities meaning a bulk tank is not suitable.

Available in 16 KG capacity, BGAS powered FLG cylinders can easily be ordered and exchanged with one quick call to 800 BGAS(800 2427)

Alternatively, many of sales offices to provide you with a “Dedicated Delivery Schedule” program, making daily deliveries to frequent customers on daily, weekly basis as per the schedule of the clients requirements.

Stocks of cylinders can be stored within specified guidelines. Please contact us for more information.

» LPG Bulk Tanks
Alternatively you can install a BGAS FLG bulk tank which may be beneficial. Install one and you should never run out of fuel again.

Alternatively BGAS can provide the training on cylinder switch over & safe handling to the employees.

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