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R600a (Isobutane)

R600a is refrigerant grade Isobutane, a natural refrigerant suitable for use in a range of refrigeration applications. The use of R600a is increasing due to its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance and it is now the refrigerant gas of choice in domestic and small commercial refrigerators. It is non-toxic with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

R600a is a natural replacement for R12, R134a and offers reliability to be used in Domestic Refrigeration, Commerical Refrigeration like Vending Machines and large-scale industrial refrigeration.

This product is typically at least 99.5% pure with minimal levels of critical impurities including moisture and unsaturated hydrocarbons. This makes it ideal for use in all types of refrigeration systems.

Supply Modes & Packages Available
We offer this refrigerant gas in a range of package sizes to suit a wide range of applications. Typically this will include both cylinders and drum tanks. Bulk deliveries may also be available on request.

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