Right Grade for the Right Application


Brothers Gas supplies a host of world class additives & packaged chemicals across a range of industries for a wide range of applications.

A large number of industrial processes depend on chemical gases. They can be basic chemicals for synthesis, they optimize the production efficiency of plants, they improve the product quality and they are vital in terms of environmental protection.

Wide Range of Petrochemicals

Mould Oil KW

Degreaser HD

Carbon Black

White Spirit

White Petroleum Jelly

Yellow Petroleum Jelly

Viscosity Modifier

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

SBP Solvent

Industrial White Oil

Pharma White Oil

Supply Options

Products can be supplied in IBC Containers, Flexi Tanks, ISO containers or various other forms as per needs of the customers. Tailor-made solutions in supply chains ensure reliability and continuous gas supply.

IBC Containers


Flexi Tanks

ISO Tanks

IBC Containers


Flexi Tanks

Dura Cylinders

Let's Work Together

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