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Brothers Gas is a major supplier of refrigerants to the refrigeration and air conditioning market. Offering a range of products like fluorocarbon refrigerants including HFCs, and HCFCs as well as full range of environmentally safe natural refrigerants and Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

Refrigerants can be broadly classified as Fluorocarbon Refrigerants & Natural Refrigerants with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants been part of it.
Refrigerant Classification
HCFCHFCNatural RefrigerantsEco-Friendly
Some of the sectors served by Refrigerant Gases

Industries We Serve

We serve our products & services to multiple applications like

Air Conditioning Industries

Domestic Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Food processing & packaging

Industrial Refrigeration


Oil & Gas


Marine Engineering

Vehicles & transportation, etc ...

Disposable Fuel Canisters


MAPP gas widely used by Plumbers, refrigeration and HVAC engineers and other tradesmen also value the high heat capacity of the MAPP/air flame.

The art and science of cooking that MAPP gases should be used in preference to cheaper butane or propane as they produce higher temperatures with less risk of giving the food a gas flavour, a scan happen within completely combusted gas.






BlueFlame Disposable MAPP Gas

Used in combination with oxygen for heating, soldering, brazing and even welding High flame temperature of 2,925 °C (5,300 °F) in oxygen Advantage over propane fuel due to its higher combustion temperature of 2,020 °C (3,670 °F) in air.

BlueFlame Disposable Propane Gas

ADNOC Hydraulic Oil HD is a mineral-based hydraulic fluid manufactured to meet the requirements of hydraulic equipment manufacturers for rust and oxidation inhibited and anti-wear mineral oil hydraulic fluids. They are compatible with the seal materials commonly used in hydraulic systems.

Gas Torches

Brass constructed threading regulator assure durability and reliability, pressure regulated for consistent performance even when tiled or momentarily inverted. adjustable flame control knob can easily sized flame for different applications.
Cooling Confidence, Guaranteed

ADNOC Refrigeration Oils

ADNOC, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, is proud to introduce its range of premium refrigeration oils, specially formulated to meet the diverse needs of the HVAC and refrigeration industry. Our refrigeration oils, available in G3, G4, and G5 classifications, represent the pinnacle of performance and reliability.
• Uncompromising Quality: Our refrigeration oils are manufactured to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing quality and consistency.

• Equipment Protection: ADNOC oils offer superior lubrication and thermal stability, extending the lifespan of your equipment.

• Energy Efficiency: By reducing friction and maintaining system cleanliness, our oils enhance energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

ADNOC G3 Refrigeration Oil

Designed to excel in low-temperature applications, G3 is the ideal choice for systems operating at sub-zero temperatures. It offers excellent thermal stability, low pour point, and superb lubricity, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your refrigeration equipment. Count on G3 to keep your systems running at their best, even in the harshest cold environments.

ADNOC G4 Refrigeration Oil

G4 is the go-to solution for a wide range of HVAC and refrigeration systems. Its versatility and superior performance make it suitable for both low and medium-temperature applications. With excellent oxidation resistance and stability, G4 ensures extended equipment life, reduced maintenance, and superior cooling performance, setting a new standard for reliability.

ADNOC G5 Refrigeration Oil

When it comes to high-temperature applications, G5 stands as the pinnacle of excellence. It is formulated to handle extreme heat and demanding conditions, making it perfect for tropical and high-temperature climates. G5 provides exceptional thermal stability, ensuring that your systems maintain peak efficiency and reliability even under the most challenging circumstances.

Supply Options

Products can be supplied in Cylinder, Toners or various other forms as per needs of the customers. Tailor-made solutions in supply chains ensure reliability and continuous gas supply.









ISO Tanks

ISO Tanks

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