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Heat Treatment

Heat treating is a process where heat is applied to a material and then cooled to improve its performance, durability, and properties.

Heat treating can be used to soften metal to improve formability. It can be used to harden parts, to improve their strength. Heat treating can be defined as every process that is employed, and changes the physical properties of a material (e.g. metal) by either heating or cooling it.
The most common application of heat treating is metallurgical. Heat treatment is also utilized in the manufacture of many materials like glass. The following are also areas of application of heat treatment.



Metal Working




Domestic and Commercial Application

Gas Heating Systems

Gas heating systems offer energy-efficient, reliable, consistent warmth for homes and businesses across the UAE. Gas heating is cost-effective, costing half the price of electric heating, depending on utility costs and heating unit efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

45% Less than Coal

30% Less Compared to Oil

15% Less Versus Wood

Gas Heat Is Affordable

Gas Offers Warmer Air

Gas Heat Is Reliable

Supply Options

Products can be supplied in Cylinder, Toners or various other forms as per needs of the customers. Tailor-made solutions in supply chains ensure reliability and continuous gas supply.


Cylinder Racks

ISO Tanks


Cylinder Racks

ISO Tanks

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