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Versatile Range of Gases & Gas Mixtures For Your Industrial Applications


With a range of Specialty, Rare, High Purity Gases and Precious blends available in disposable & refillable cylinders, Brothers Gas caters to the requirements for a wide range of customers.

Brothers Gas is an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of some of the leading Specialty Gas Brands. Ultra-Pure GC Grade Gases and Calibration Gas mixtures Brothers Gas is an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of some of the leading Specialty Gas Brands. Our Specialty Gas plant is upcoming and will be made operational shortly.
Ultra-Pure GC Grade Pure Gases
These are the GC Grade pure gases with minimal impurity level which will enhances the shelf life of GC Instruments.

Argon (Grade 6.0)

Hydrogen (Grade 6.0)

Methane (Grade 3.5& Above)

Nitrogen (Grade 6.0)

Propane (Grade 4.5)

Ammonia (Grade 5.0)

Helium (Grade 6.0)

Iso – Butane (Grade 4.0)

Calibration Gas Mixtures
We are capable of arranging tailor made gases which are being used in the online analyzers Environmental monitors’ gas detectors medical equipment etc. In addition we have an entire gamut of cylinders which are being supplied in Disposable Cylinders. These Cylinders are available in the following sizes.
We have with us world class Specialty Gases Regulators in our stock to control and monitor the gas flow from the cylinders to the application side.

Double Stage Chrome plated Regulator with BS3 and BS4 connection.
Double Stage Stainless Steel Regulators with CGA-330& CGA-660 Connection.
Regulator for Disposable Cylinders.
Accuracies & Shelf Life
We have been providing to our customers with best accuracy level which ensures quality testing of samples. And the best shelf life which ensures the stability of gases throughout this period.

Supply Options

Products can be supplied in Canisters, Cylinders, or various other forms as per needs of the customers. Tailor-made solutions in supply chains ensure reliability and continuous gas supply.


Small Cylinders

Large Cylinders


Small Cylinders

Large Cylinders

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